Starting preschool is a significant step in the life of a child and his family. Playgroup is the first place where children interact with adults and other children their age on their own for the first time. They start their life long journey of learning and making friends!The Little Explorers curriculum encourages children not to just learn alphabets, count and write, but it also infuses curiosity into them and introduces them to effective communication and to work and play with others.

Our playgroup and nursery children learn by singing rhymes, doing hands-on fun project work and listening to stories. The curriculum is designed to give children adequate time for free play and directed activity. We facilitate learning. Some of the child developmental areas we work on are:

Social skills development One of the main goals of Little Explorers is to teach children social skills such as getting along with peers and listening to adults other than their parents. Here our children will learn to:

  • Separate from their parents fairly easily - saying goodbye with a smile
  • Adjust to new situations, especially school routines
  • Trust and take directions from teachers
  • Express emotions verbally to adults and children
  • Show independence
  • Follow classroom rules and routines
  • Play well with other children
  • Recognize the feelings of others
  • Help with chores
  • Get ready for main school

Our teachers provide opportunities for children to learn these skills through various play activities, stories, drama and puppet shows.


Celebration of Events

Concept Time


Letter & Number Recognition

Language development which is facilitated through numerous stories, rhymes, songs and dramatic play based on themes.